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How to Budget for Choir Management Software

Tori Cook October 06, 2017
In a dream world, we'd all have choir management software but often times we are stymied by limited funds. Here are seven creative ways you can budget for it!
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Best Practices: Community Chorus Grant Applications

Tori Cook July 27, 2017
Applying for grants can feel overwhelming at times. Here are some best practices for community choruses applying for grants!
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How to Engage Members in Your Chorus Auction

Tori Cook May 22, 2017
Chorus auctions are a crucial fundraising effort for many and the success of them often relies on member involvement. Find out how chorus members can help!
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5 Ways Singers Can Donate to Your Chorus Auction Without Soliciting

Tori Cook May 11, 2017
No one likes a solicitor. And equally, no one likes soliciting. So how can you obtain donated items for your chorus auction without the need for solicitation?
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Tori's Top 6 Picks for Chorus Auction Software

Tori Cook April 06, 2017
There are a plethora of online auction sites to help non profits like choirs raise funds. We've narrowed it down to our top 6 chorus auction software picks!
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11 Grants Perfectly Suited for Community Choruses

Tori Cook February 16, 2017
Researching grants for choirs is literally THE worst. If you're looking for grants for a community chorus, here are 11 grants which could be a perfect fit!
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From Jerusalem With Love: Maintaining Personal Relationships With Your Patrons

Jacob Levine October 28, 2016
Maintaining personal relationships with your patrons is important. When the BGMC toured the Middle East, find out how they engaged their patrons upon return.
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Highlights From The 2016 Chorus Management Institute

Jacob Levine September 13, 2016
The 2016 Chorus Management Institute was full of insightful nuggets about strategic planning, governance, fundraising, and marketing.
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Donor Management Software For Choirs

Jacob Levine April 17, 2016
Managing donor information is a messy business for all non-profits, and choirs are no exception. These donor databases can help you manage this vital task.
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Creative Fundraising: How Broken Violins Saved A Music Program

Jacob Levine January 24, 2016
How do you save an after school music program when state funding for the arts dries up? Creative fundraising!
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