Finding Realistic Balance Within Your Strive for Success

Struggling to balance work and life? Discover 6 realistic tips to help you find your footing without sacrificing success.

How to Honor Black Music Throughout the Year Part 1: Spirituals

Looking for ways to uplift Black music year-round? Unlock tips and resources to help you program Black composers and repertoire beyond Black History Month.

The Essential Role of Choir in Building Community

Is choir the new church? Explore the role that community arts organizations play in our shared experience, personal growth and sense of community.

Top 10 Things to Do On Leap Day

Jump for joy — it's a leap year! That means you've got a whole extra day to get things done. Need inspiration? Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

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Bending Life Around Your Career: Should You?

Tired of bending your life around your career? Doing these three things can help fuel your quest to achieve harmony without sacrificing your career — or yourself.

Books That Have Nothing to do with Chorus: Part 2

Looking for an inspiring read to kickstart your year? This book has nothing (and everything!) to do with chorus.

Carving Out Creative Time for Yourself

Putting your creativity on the back burner? From embracing imperfection to exploring new mediums, here are seven tips to help reignite your creative spark.

5 More Grant Writing Tips for Arts Nonprofits

Unlock the secrets to successful grant writing for arts nonprofits with Part 2 of our series. More insider tips inside!

5 Quick Ways to Tune Up Your Year-End Giving

Surprise, it's December! It's not too late to boost your year-end giving. Learn how with these 5 quick and practical strategies.

10 Considerations for Programming Your Next Concerts

Already thinking about your next concert season? From themes to vocal ranges, here are ten things to consider before programming your next concert.

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