From September Serenity to Concert Crunch: A Journey in GIFs

Buckle up and ride this choral pro's relatable rollercoaster as they prepare for the upcoming season. A choral journey like no other - expressed in GIFs!

Chorus Connection’s 10th Birthday!

The past 10 years have been a wild ride. Huge thanks to all of you who've gone on this journey with us. Can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring!

7 Reasons Canva Pro is the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Choirs

From simplifying & streamlining to sparking creativity, Chorus Connection's latest blog post explores why Canva is an excellent tool for chorus marketing.

Books That Have Nothing to do with Chorus: Part 1

Looking for some inspiring summer reads? These books have nothing and everything to do with chorus management.

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Charting the Course: Tips & Tricks for Planning the Next Choral Season

Feeling behind with planning next season? Here are some tips and tricks for charting the course of your choir's concert season.

How to Make the Most of Instagram - Part 2

Looking to expand your audience? Here is Part 2 on "How to Make the Most of Instagram", with strategies to help build and engage your choral audience.

Valuing Learning Over Knowing

Most choral directors have been trained to value knowing over learning. But does it have to be that way?

How to Make the Most of Instagram - Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed by Instagram? Start here with these 4 steps to make the most of your choir's Instagram profile.

DIY Digital Marketing Campaign

Looking for some marketing shortcuts for your choir concert? Here's one choral administrator's formula for a DIY digital marketing campaign.

The Hard Truth About Recruitment

Trying to get singers back into your choral program? Learn the hard truth about singer recruitment and retention.

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