What is Content? (And How to Make It Engaging)

Looking for ways to make your choir shine online? Discover 5 engaging content ideas to connect with your followers and help build a sense of community.

How to Honor Black Music Throughout the Year Part 2: Black Choral Literature

Dreaming of a diverse repertoire? Explore the richness of Black choral literature and the composers behind it and enrich your choir's programs year-round.

Q&A: Mikah Meyer of Canyon Chorus on Music, Mentorship, and Advocacy

Ever feel like you don't fit in? Discover the story behind "Canyon Chorus," and how music and mentorship inspired one singer's journey of self-acceptance.

Disrupting False Narratives About the Trans Community

Looking for ways to support the trans community? Gain insights and expert advice on debunking harmful myths and promoting inclusivity. #pridemonth

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Chorus America Conference 2024: Insider Tips and Highlights Revealed

Ready to boost your choral leadership? Chorus America's team shares tips for an unforgettable experience at the June 6-8 Conference.

Catalyst for Social Change: The Transformative Power of Choirs

Seeking harmony in life and community? Discover how choirs can transform society and boost personal growth through the power of collective voices.

5 Ways to Create Culture and Community Beyond the Notes

Discover 5 ways your organization can go beyond the music to foster a thriving sense of community within your choir. Dive into our guide now!

4 Ways Using ChatGPT Can Make Your Job Easier

Looking to lighten your load? Discover four ways that you can use ChatGPT and similar AI tools to work smarter, not harder.

Finding Realistic Balance Within Your Strive for Success

Struggling to balance work and life? Discover 6 realistic tips to help you find your footing without sacrificing success.

How to Honor Black Music Throughout the Year Part 1: Spirituals

Looking for ways to uplift Black music year-round? Unlock tips and resources to help you program Black composers and repertoire beyond Black History Month.

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