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Why Your Company Should Start an Employee Choir Immediately

Tori Cook April 27, 2017
It might seem like an out-of-the-box idea for businesses to have an employee choir, but increasingly they are being implemented in the workplace. Find out why!
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Why Your Chorus Needs a Responsive Website

Tori Cook April 19, 2017
In 2017, it is not enough to simply have a website for your chorus. Learn 7 reasons why your chorus website needs to be responsive!
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7 Platforms for Recording and Sharing Chorus Rehearsal Tracks

Tori Cook April 13, 2017
Many choirs need to distribute rehearsal tracks to help singers learn their part. Here are 7 platforms for recording and sharing chorus rehearsal tracks!
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Tori's Top 6 Picks for Chorus Auction Software

Tori Cook April 06, 2017
There are a plethora of online auction sites to help non profits like choirs raise funds. We've narrowed it down to our top 6 chorus auction software picks!
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What is Choir Management Software?

Tori Cook March 22, 2017
The goal of choir management software is simple: instead of using numerous tools to manage your chorus, you should be able to manage everything in one place.
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11 Ways Your Sopranos are Actual Mean Girls

Tori Cook March 14, 2017
A comparison between your sopranos and characters from the movie "Mean Girls." Be honest, are you really surprised? Check out this GIF-tastic blog!
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A Quick Guide: Copyright for Choirs

Tori Cook March 06, 2017
Kelly Beard from Susquehanna Valley Chorale advises on copyright for choirs. Learn how to get a performance license and have other copyright questions answered.
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SFGMC's Secret Sauce to Recruiting and Retaining Choir Singers

Tori Cook March 01, 2017
Dan England, a member of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus recruiting team, shares SFGMC's secret sauce to recruiting and retaining choir singers.
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The Best Practice Apps and Online Tools for Community Choir Singers

Tori Cook February 21, 2017
The best practice apps and online tools to help choir singers develop healthy practice habits, train their ears, and vocalize independently!
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11 Grants Perfectly Suited for Community Choruses

Tori Cook February 16, 2017
Researching grants for choirs is literally THE worst. If you're looking for grants for a community chorus, here are 11 grants which could be a perfect fit!
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