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Learning From Rural Choirs: Defining Your Place in Your Community

Learn how to create a unique and valuable choral identity within your community, by adapting lessons from rural choirs.

How to Assign Voice Sections to Your Transgender Choral Members

Discover five compassionate approaches to placing your transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive choir members into voice sections.

4 Ways Choral Leaders Can Support Ukraine

Learn 4 ways choral leaders can support Ukraine: talking with your choir, modifying programming, providing accurate information, and redirecting resources.

Alleviating Singers’ Health Concerns to Retain Members

Learn ways to reduce your choir members' COVID health concerns when singing in-person, to help retain members.

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Are Hybrid Choir Rehearsals Here to Stay?

Review the advantages and disadvantages of online rehearsals, and learn how to make virtual rehearsals more engaging.

Feeling Defeated From Shrinking Choir Membership - And 7 Ways to Adapt

Discover 7 "silver lining" opportunities to strengthen your choir if it has experienced declining membership during the pandemic.

Building and Sustaining Inclusive Choral Spaces

Learn how to create and foster a community where all singers feel welcome and see themselves reflected and respected in their chorus participation.

8 Tips for Jumpstarting Your 2022 Fundraising

Learn 8 ways to boost your fundraising and donor development efforts in 2022.

30-Second Covid Rehearsal Safety Survey

See 4 simple survey questions you choir can use to survey your singers about rehearsal safety.

5 Tips for Rebuilding Your Youth Choir Post-Pandemic

Discover 5 effective administrative & artistic post-pandemic strategies to rebuild your youth chorus and better meet the needs of your children & staff.

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