Angelica Rowell

Angelica Rowell
Angelica Rowell (she/her) is a singer, actress, writer, and arts educator based in Los Angeles, California. She is adamant about the power art has to change perspectives, and strives to create works that open doors for marginalized peoples while educating others in hopes of creating a more understanding and just world. As a creative, Angelica has sung as a session singer on the soundtrack for Avatar 2: The Way of Water and as a featured soloist for the LA Philharmonic’s centennial commision by Pulitzer Prize winner, Ellen Reid; performed in musicals and operas, including The Industry’s acclaimed Sweet Land, debuted various plays with theatre companies across Los Angeles, and co-wrote two episodes on AMC Allblk’s TV show, SNAP. She is also a member of Los Angeles’ premier women’s choir, VOX Femina and social justice choir, Tonality. In addition to her creative work, Angelica has guest lectured at universities, led and created social justice based workshops for adults and youth, is a founding member of the arts non-profit Black Light Arts Collective (BLAC), and serves as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant on Bay Area-based theatre company, Poison Apple. She holds bachelor’s degrees in theatre and classical voice from the University of California, Irvine.

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