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How to Monetize Virtual Concerts

A video presentation on monetizing virtual concerts. Presented by Chorus Connection at the GALA Leadership Symposium in October 2020. Watch today!

Why Choruses are Still Using Chorus Connection in COVID-19 Times

Chorus management software is crucial in helping choruses operate in COVID-19 times. Here are a few reasons choruses are still using Chorus Connection!

Restructuring Revenue Models: 40+ Potential New Sources of Income for Community Choruses

A list of 40+ potential revenue streams for community choruses tackling a global pandemic.

Questions Community Choruses Should Be Asking Concert Venues Soon

A list of sample questions and discussion topics to bring to concert venues to help them plan for reopening.

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A Quick Guide to Surveying Your Singers and Patrons

Surveying your community might sound like an easy task, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Check out these best practices and sample questions!

Coronavirus and Community Choruses: What Can You do to Prepare?

Here's a guide that can help your choral leadership feel more in control of the situation and to help you keep your patrons feeling safe.

The Ultimate Chorus Tech Stack: The Technology You Need to Manage Your Community Chorus in 2020

The 21st century has presented community choruses with a new challenge: our patrons expect more from us. Finding the right technology is the solution.

Does Your Chorus Need an Online Ticketing Solution?

If your chorus is selling most of your tickets offline, find out if moving to an online ticketing solution is right for you.

9 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Collect and Store Ticket Buyer Data Online

Are you successfully selling concert tickets but don't yet store ticket buyer data? This one's for you! Here are nine reasons why you should start.

Why Your Members Are the Key to Growing Your Chorus

When you really get down to the heart of every revenue-generating avenue for your chorus, all paths lead back to your members. Don't believe me? Read on!

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