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Technology & Copyright tips for continuing online performances

If your choir is planning to continue online performances, here's a helpful list of tools, tips, and resources for Livestreaming and copyright approvals.

Digital Marketing Tools to Support Your Chorus’s Fundraising Goals

The best fundraising channels and strategies for choruses in 2021! Check out these helpful tools and resources to rake in the dough.

Taking Your Chorus to the Next Level with Digital Scores

Find out how digital scores can help you take your chorus to the next level in this guest blog from Newzik!

Why Choruses are Still Using Chorus Connection in COVID-19 Times

Chorus management software is crucial in helping choruses operate in COVID-19 times. Here are a few reasons choruses are still using Chorus Connection!

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Could Drive-In Choirs Be the Solution We Have All Been Waiting For?

After several long months of not singing together, community choruses are starting to get creative. The most recent innovation? Drive-in choirs.

How Much Should Community Choruses Spend on Technology?

Technology is imperative for community choruses in the 21st century. These are the systems your chorus should have and how much you should budget for them.

The Ultimate Chorus Tech Stack: The Technology You Need to Manage Your Community Chorus in 2020

The 21st century has presented community choruses with a new challenge: our patrons expect more from us. Finding the right technology is the solution.

3 Ways to Spend All That Giving Tuesday Money to Help Grow Your Chorus

What are you going to do with all that Giving Tuesday money you brought in? Here are a few ways you can spend it and see a positive impact on your chorus.

A Holiday Ballad From The ChoCo Puffs

Our employee choir, "The ChoCo Puffs," perform a parody of Joni Mitchell's "River." Now, you can finally kiss those spreadsheets goodbye!

6 Reasons Why Your Treasurer Will Love Chorus Connection

Managing a community chorus's finances can feel like an actual nightmare sometimes. Here are a few reasons your Treasurer needs Chorus Connection!

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