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Creating the Colorado Choir Consortium

Learn how the Colorado Choir Consortium - an invaluable resource for its 80+ members - was born out of the pandemic.

A New Choral Consortium in Texas Gets Off the Ground

An interview with Mary Elizabeth Ashton who is spearheading the development of a brand new choral consortium: Central Texas Choral Consortium. This new consortium will serve choruses in Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. Learn more!

How to File as a Nonprofit in 6 Steps: For Choruses and Choral Consortia

Establishing your chorus or choral consortia as a nonprofit isn't difficult. Here are six easy steps to follow when filing, plus resources and tips!

The Benefits of Starting a Choral Consortium

Help your community choirs network, share resources, garner community support, and gain new ideas for their development by starting a choral consortium!
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