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The 5 Essential Steps for Developing Your Choir's Brand

Tori Cook January 19, 2017
Whether you are a new chorus starting from scratch, or looking to update your existing brand, this blog will walk you through the process of brand development.
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Choral Marketing 101: The Importance of Your Choir's Brand

Tori Cook January 17, 2017
Find out why developing your brand is the first essential step to mastering marketing for your chorus.
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The 5 Essentials of Your Choir's Press Kit

Tori Cook December 05, 2016
Whether for local concert promotions or touring overseas, your choir's press kit can be an invaluable tool for raising the profile of your organization.
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Highlights From The 2016 Chorus Management Institute

Jacob Levine September 13, 2016
The 2016 Chorus Management Institute was full of insightful nuggets about strategic planning, governance, fundraising, and marketing.
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Insightful Nuggets From The 2015 Chorus Ops Survey

Jacob Levine November 29, 2015
Chorus America just released its annual chorus operations report, and it's packed with juicy nuggets.
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