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Contingency Planning for Volunteer Turnover in Community Choruses

Tori Cook November 16, 2017
Two words: volunteer turnover. The struggle is real for choruses! Here are some systems and measures to put in place for ensuring smooth volunteer transitions.
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How to Recruit Your Chorus's Marketing Team

Tori Cook November 08, 2017
The first step to a successful choral marketing strategy is finding the right people to do the job. Check out this article with ideas for recruiting volunteers!
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The Seven Stages of Concert Week (for Chorus Directors)

Tori Cook November 01, 2017
Shock. Denial. Bargaining. Guilt. Anger. Depression. Acceptance and hope. Welcome to the seven stages of concert week in GIFs (for choir directors)!
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How to Analyze Marketing's Effect on Chorus Ticket Sales & Revenue

Tori Cook October 26, 2017
Do you know where your chorus's ticket sales come from? Here are two ways to track the source of ticket sales and prove the effectiveness of your marketing.
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16 Ideas for Engaging Chorus Alumni

Tori Cook October 17, 2017
Even after leaving a chorus, many singers still want to stay involved with the organization. Consider these 16 ideas for engaging your chorus alumni!
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Memorization Tips for Learning Choral Music

Tori Cook October 13, 2017
Got a tricky piece of music to memorize? Check out these top memorization tips for learning choral music! (BONUS: Memorization Plan, Cindy arr. Mack Wilberg)
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How to Budget for Choir Management Software

Tori Cook October 06, 2017
In a dream world, we'd all have choir management software but often times we are stymied by limited funds. Here are seven creative ways you can budget for it!
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Why Do Choral Directors Do What They Do?

Tori Cook September 29, 2017
Being a choral director is a challenge. Yet still, we spend countless hours every week preparing for and teaching choir. So what keeps us doing what we do?
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The Solid Foundation for a Successful Singer Retention Program

Tori Cook September 21, 2017
Similar to good vocal production, a good singer retention program requires a solid foundation. Learn what that foundation looks like and spark some new ideas!
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Key Takeaways from the 2017 Sweet Adelines International Education Symposium

Tori Cook September 12, 2017
Check out the key takeaways from the 2017 Sweet Adelines International Education Symposium by Tori Cook, Director of the Harborlight Show Chorus!
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