Race on the Path of Choral Conducting: The Wings of a Black Woman

Shana Oshiro Sep 17, 2020
An interview with Roberta Laws, internationally acclaimed soprano and conductor of the North Carolina Central University Choir.
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About the Black Voices Matter Pledge: An Interview with Alexander Lloyd Blake

Tori Cook Jul 16, 2020
We had the opportunity to catch up with Alexander Lloyd Blake, co-author of the Black Voices Matter pledge to learn more about the pledge.
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Resources on Racial, Social, and Economic Equity and Justice in the Arts

Tori Cook Jun 05, 2020
A list of resources to help your choral organizations stay educated and take action on injustices and inequities in the arts.
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Building Community Through Collaborations - Bridging Voices QSA Youth Chorus

Tori Cook Aug 17, 2018
The mission of Bridging Voices (Portland's first QSA Youth Chorus) is to build bridges, not walls, and to break down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through visibility and diversity. One way they achieve this mission is through collaborations with like-minded organizations. Learn more!
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What Does Accessibility Mean for Children's Choirs?

Tori Cook Aug 08, 2018
Founder and Managing Artistic Director of the Omaha Children's Choir, Amanda Stevenson, works to ensure that every child in Omaha has access to quality music education. Find out how she is making choir more accessible!
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Nashville in Harmony and Major Minors Get the Chance of a Lifetime to Sing with Demi Lovato

Tori Cook Jun 27, 2018
Demi Lovato has been traveling across the country on her Tell Me You Love Me Tour picking up GALA Choruses and other LGBTQ+ choruses along the way to offer them a chance to sing on stage with her. Learn about this extraordinary experience from the Major Minors chorus and Nashville in Harmony!
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New York City Gay Men's Chorus's Inclusion and Equity Initiative

Tori Cook Jun 29, 2017
Find out how NYCGMC fights for inclusion and equity within their own organization through its Inclusion and Equity Initiative!
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Creating a Safer Choral Space for Trans Singers

Tori Cook Jun 22, 2017
In this article, Lindsey Deaton, Founder/Artistic Director of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, sheds some light for choirs looking to be more trans-inclusive.
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5 Celebrity Musicians Doing Good Things

Tori Cook Jun 15, 2017
There's a lot of good being done in this world through music. Check out these five celebrity musicians doing just that!
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Creating an Equitable Choir Space for People of all Economic Means

Tori Cook Jun 07, 2017
We say that 'choir is for everyone,' but is it? Choir is a big financial commitment. What can we do to make choir financially accessible for all? Read more!
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