From September Serenity to Concert Crunch: A Journey in GIFs

Jen Rogers Sep 21, 2023

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I’ve been feeling thankful it’s still September, feeling the calm before the seasonal storm, and that I still have so much time to get everything ready for the start of our concert season.

Cute fluffy golden puppy stretches while sleeping


But then I woke up at 3:00 AM last weekend, realizing our first concert is only seven weeks away.

Woman abruptly wakes from sleep and screams


And now I’m freaking out… 



Because obviously there’s SO much to do. Nothing was due and now everything seems due all at once.

Lucille Ball ("I Love Lucy") works in a chocolate factory and begins stuffing chocolates down her shirt and in her mouth as she struggles to keep up with the speed of the conveyor belt in front of her


Here’s what’s actually going on in my head right now:

Jimmy Fallon waves his hands around wildly


We need to finalize program and advertising details…

Busy Cat


Get our singers and venues and volunteers organized…

A person tries to organize a group of small and active kittens into a straight line (and fails)


We need to promote the concert! Fundraise! And try not to panic that patrons are buying at the last minute... It’s okay. I’m okay, you’re okay. Remember to breathe!

A beautiful woman closes her eyes as she makes a gentle sweeping motion from the top of her head to her chest, motioning 'relax' and 'calm down'


I'm trying to remind myself that we've got this. It’s fine. Everything is fine, right?!

A man vacuuming a fire on his carpet


But really, if this is you, you aren’t alone. So many of us are feeling this crunch right now.

Actor Andy Sandberg wears a tropical shirt and holds a microphone to his mouth while mouthing the words "You are not alone."


But you got this.

Singer Michael Buble points his fingers at the camera and says "You've got this"

Sporty Spice does a karate jump-kick while the text "You can do it" appears on the screen

Young blonde child from Full House puts her thumb up and says "you've got this dude!"

I'm saying this out loud for you - and to remind myself. You can do it. You got it dude. We got this! 


New call-to-action 

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