19 Awesome Chorus Websites to Inspire Your Next Website Redesign

Tori Cook Sep 10, 2019

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I love websites. I love them so much that when I see an awesome and inspirational website, I need to share it.

Over the years, I've seen some pretty amazing websites from choral organizations. I'll be sharing a few of these with you and some things I personally love about each of them. I hope that this inspires you when redesigning your own chorus's website!

Ensemble NYC


What I love about their website:

  • Interactive design elements - this keeps their site visually exciting to the visitors.
  • Unobtrusive pop-up at the bottom of their site to sign up for their mailing list as well as a subscription in their footer - they'll never miss an opportunity to get someone subscribed!
  • Super simple navigation which directs them to content entirely on the homepage - mobile users have taken over the internet so long-form scrollable pages are in!
  • Event pages initially appear in a pop-up modal instead of taking visitors off the site - this limits page load time and keeps users on their site.
  • Clever collapsible "show more/less" menus appear for longer content giving users the options
  • All members are highlighted with their profile pictures and a fun fact about them - all within a modal - so visitors never leave their site or have to deal with page loading time.


Pacific Chorale


What I love about their website:

  • Long form footer to list every page of the site - long footers are in!
  • The homepage has a beautiful and unique logo that showcases their brand and design. Check out their beautiful banner image/logo, event calendar, and artistic staff content "blocks" for some real design inspiration.
  • A great plan your experience page to answer the audience's FAQs.
  • Inspirational education programs and a video.


New York City Gay Men's Chorus



What I love about their website:

  • Use of video on the homepage banner instead of images - this type of interactive content can excite web visitors and keep them on a site longer.
  • Clear call-to-action above their footer to sign up for news and updates - this stay on every page so they never miss out on an opportunity to get someone to sign up for their emails!
  • A page to successfully sell swag on the site.
  • Support page has several options for how to support the chorus.


Children's Chorus of Washington


What I love about their website:

  • Homepage banner images highlight their singers smiling faces and features only one button and clear call-to-action on each slider.
  • Ensembles page clearly highlights each ensemble opportunity with transparent pricing and tuition fees, touring opportunities, benefits of being in the choirs, and testimonials - this is a great way to highlight several ensembles! Their testimonials and memories video is pretty great too.
  • News section features great content and stories.


Nashville in Harmony

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 4.06.00 PM


What I love about their website:

  • Only one banner image at the top of the homepage with one primary call-to-action above "the fold" - this helps visitors focus on one action and they don't even have to scroll in order to do it!
  • The about us page isn't a historical novel, it's short and concise with their most important call-to-action "Join Nashville in Harmony" prominently placed - this makes it easy for singers looking to join to know where to go to find more information.
  • The dedicated donation page has a nice, embeddable widget for donating directly on the pages - this is a great user experience that makes it easy for the user to donate and ensures they stay on the site.


Concord Chamber Singers


What I love about their website:

  • The overall design is clean and sleek and the black and white color scheme gives it a professional look.
  • Their homepage features reviews from audiences, singers, and press helping to build trust in their brand.
  • Their vision page lists a clear mission, vision, and a detailed plan on how they will accomplish their goals.
  • A prominent link to their members-only site for members in their footer.


Rackham Choir



What I love about their website:

  • Card-styled/block content on their homepage makes it easy to see each piece of content with a clear call-to-action.
  • Partner/sponsor slider on their homepage is beautiful and interactive in a sliding carousel.
  • Email sign up in footer of their website so users can sign up on any page!
  • A clean, single-tier navigation with no need for drop-down menu - this helps users navigate through the site easily.
  • Awesome community and education pages that showcase their impact on the community.
  • Clean and modern events pages with clear calls-to-action to buy tickets and learn more about each event.
  • Publicity pages are a great place to store press releases, media, news articles, and more.
  • Beautiful, interactive donation page.


NewVoices Choir



What I love about their website:

  • Three main calls-to-action above the main navigation "Tickets," "Audition," and "Donate" - highlighting the three most important asks for any chorus. Each of those pages, by the way has a testimonial from one of their singers - a nice addition!
  • Page dedicated to the venues they use for each concert with useful information for audiences such as parking and accessibility.
  • The full season sponsor appears in the top navigation on their homepage, all sponsors are features in a scrolling carousel and on a dedicated sponsor page as well.
  • Clear set of values and identity statement helps showcase their unique identity as a chorus.


Pittsburgh Girls Choir



What I love about their website:

  • Blue top banner call-to-action above the main navigation on every page to highlight their most important ask - to learn more about registering for the chorus.
  • Similar banner at the bottom of their homepage to promote their email newsletter sign-ups.
  • Block card style on their homepage and throughout the site gives the users very clear "learn more" call-to-action buttons to follow and makes navigating to other pages simple.
  • Clear and vibrant branding and design elements throughout their entire website make the site look clean with a bright personality and encourages users to click on the fun colors.
  • A dedicated area for parent information including a parent portal.


New Wave Singers of Baltimore




What I love about their website:

  • A super simple site with only the content visitors need to see and very few pages to navigate through. There are only four navigation items and no drop-down nonsense - simple and easy.
  • The homepage highlights only one primary call-to-action with the purpose of collecting contact information for their email list - this is a great way to build an audience by focusing first on simply getting contact information before asking for bigger things like donating or buying tickets!
  • The homepage highlights first and foremost the chorus's value - their mission, vision, story, and member testimonials. Then, after they convince visitors of the the value, they make their second ask - to get involved.


Indianapolis Men's Chorus



What I love about their website:

  • The homepage of the Indianapolis Men's Chorus's looks quite different from other choral websites. Visitors arrive on a non-scrollable landing page with only five options in the navigation.
  • About page focuses immediately on their mission and story first.
  • The site is image-heavy with a parallax theme, making it visually appealing for visitors. Plus, the overlay text is still readable - very important!
  • Auditions page clearly identifies responsibilities.
  • Overall, it's super clean, simple, and sleek.


Orange County Women's Chorus


What I love about their website:

  • The logo animation in their navigation!
  • A video right on their homepage about the chorus.
  • An "adopt a singer" content box on their homepage - a clever way to get support for the chorus while also highlighting member stories.
  • An email newsletter signup form that stays just above the footer on every page.
  • Clear call-to-action to buy tickets after each event on their performances page.
  • Highlights recurring monthly donations on the donate page.
  • A clever way of listing where the money goes on the individual donations page.


Calgary Men's Chorus



What I love about their website:

  • The homepage typing animation helps get their message and value immediately across to their web visitors without the need to scroll.
  • After their homepage banner image, there is a prominent call-to-action "Join Now" which surely encourages anyone to click.
  • The "buy tickets" embeddable widget is clean and pops up in a modal.
  • Instagram is embedded on their homepage - which can help boost social engagement and followers!
  • A common questions page with FAQs about joining the chorus - this helps answer the web visitor's questions up front.
  • Archived concert pages.
  • Contact us page lists several ways for web visitors to get in touch. It's also really pretty.


Arts Chorale of Winchester


What I love about their website:

  • Dismissible pop-up above their navigation with a call-to-action to support the chorus - a great way to highlight an ask while still offering the visitor a chance to exit or dismiss it!
  • Testimonials on the homepage banner image - showcases value front and center.
  • Large fonts and limited texts across the site help focus users on the most important content without having to read a whole lot.
  • Email signup option in the footer so it is visible on every page.
  • Only one call-to-action "buy tickets" on each concert page.
  • A great video archive of past performances.


San Francisco Girls Chorus


What I love about their website:

  • An alumnae program with awesome benefits for their past singers - a great way to engage youth singers after they've moved on!
  • Support page offers specific statistics and metrics about the chorus to ensure donors that their money matters. Plus, a great template for what an annual report could and should look like for donors and supporters.
  • An area dedicated for foundation giving and corporate sponsors - a great way to thank funders.
  • Bookings page helps get the word out that they are available for hire.
  • Email sign-up form in the footer of every page.
  • Commissioning page highlights the important work they are doing to support the composers of today.




What I love about their website:

  • "Meet the SoHarmoniums" video right on their homepage and videos of the chorus singing.
  • Recruitment picture on the homepage shows the chorus in matching chorus shirts - a great way to showcase the social and community components of the chorus.
  • Their newsletters appear right on the site - this allows visitors to get a peek into the internal community.
  • Every singer has a picture and bio up on the site - one way to show off the chorus's unique personality.


MenAlive Orange County Gay Men's Chorus


What I love about their website:

  • Striking imagery and banner images on every page particularly their homepage and concerts page.
  • Subtle animation on images - it's just enough to be visually appealing without being distracting.
  • Chorus staff and board all have professional headshots all against a MenAlive chorus backdrop.
  • A beautiful in memoriam page to honor those singers who have passed away.
  • Their Encore Circle page honors shows sponsorship opportunities and even offers a monthly installments option.


Common Woman Chorus

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 2.54.54 PM

What I love about their website:

  • A catchy headline on their banner image of the homepage - shows their personality and inspires immediately.
  • Instagram feed on the homepage shows off their personality even more and likely boosts engagements and followers.
  • Sing page lays out the expectations and dues up front for potential auditionees.
  • A herstory page - 'nuff said.
  • Simple but effective site - they don't need a lot of pages to get their point across.


Hamilton Children's Choir


What I love about their website:

  • The homepage features a wonderful video about singing with the chorus - awesome content to share on a homepage!
  • A clear set of values and their educational approach - this can help give parents and understanding of how their children will learn.
  • Each ensemble has their own dedicated page with useful information - a great way to showcase several ensembles in a clean way.
  • A page dedicated to volunteers gives people outside of the organization the opportunity to step up and give back.
  • The careers page features another excellent video which will surely inspire anyone looking for work in the arts!
  • Tuition and registration fees are listed up front with financial award programs as well.


I hope these websites inspire you as much as they have inspired me! If you'd like to learn more about making phenomenal chorus websites, download our Choral Marketing 101 eBook.

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Tori Cook

Tori Cook is the former Director of Sales & Marketing at Chorus Connection, an active board member of the Greater Boston Choral Consortium, and a soprano with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. In a past life, she was the Music Director of the Harborlight Show Chorus and President of Chorus pro-Musica. When not making music, she daydreams about adopting a golden retriever puppy and scuba diving to exotic locations around the world.

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