Syncing Your Chorus's Payment Data to Your Accounting Software

Tori Cook Apr 24, 2018

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Ticket sales, donations, and member dues are just a few examples of payments that choruses receive. Keeping track of all these payments can be burdensome and that's why many choruses turn to accounting software to do the trick. But even with accounting software, manual data entry in the system is still the norm. In our final #AutomationApril post, we will focus on setting up integrations to push your payments data into your accounting software automatically!

Before you start connecting everything, you'll want to consider whether you will be creating duplicate data entries in your accounting software by linking all of your various platforms to it. Discuss with your accountant or financial advisor to ensure you are pulling over the data you need in order to create accurate reports in your accounting software. Let's begin!


Accounting Software for Choruses


Accounting Software


Here are a few popular accounting platforms with integration options for choruses:


Connect Your Bank and Payment Processors to Your Accounting Software

The first step to avoid manual data entry into your accounting software is to sync your bank data and/or payment processors like Stripe or PayPal to your accounting software.


Connect Your Bank Account to Accounting Software

Here are a few tutorials on connecting your bank account to your accounting software:


Connect Payment Processors to Accounting Software


Payment Processors and Accounting Software

And here are options for integrating some payment processors:


Push Ticket Sales Data to Accounting Software

 Ticket Sales and Accounting Software (1)

 Surprisingly, there are not many direct integrations between ticket sales platforms and accounting software. However, there are still plenty of ways to integrate the two systems.


Integrations with Automation Software

Automation tools like, IFTTT, Workato, PieSync, and Zapier can help integrate thousands of applications that don't offer direct integrations. (Note: Automation tools sometimes come with their own subscription fee.)

Here are a few integrations you can make using automation tools:


Third-Party Integrations

There are also third-party app integration solutions built by developers in the marketplace. These solutions cost money but, if they work, can save your chorus manager or accountant plenty of time.


Sync Donor Data to Accounting Software

Donor Management and Accounting Software (1)


Similarly, only a few donor management platforms are built to support integrations. If you're lucky enough to have one of these platforms you can sync your data with ease!


Direct Integrations


Integrations With Automation Tools


Third-Party Integrations


Whether you can integrate one or more of your systems, any little bit of automation can help you save time and money for the chorus.

That's a wrap on #AutomationApril - we hope you've been able to use this information for bettering your chorus's data management!

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