Introducing Riser Charts

Jacob Levine May 13, 2016

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If you're an artistic director, chances are you've spent hours of your life in Excel trying to figure out where to place your singers on the risers every concert. There's a lot of information to consider, from height to voice part, and it's difficult in Excel to ensure your ensemble is going to look and sound balanced.

That's where Chorus Connection's brand new riser charts feature comes in! Instead of laboring over spreadsheets, the new feature lets you:

  • Drag and drop singers onto risers (works great on tablets and smartphones, too).
  • Scan by color (voice part) to make sure the ensemble is balanced correctly.
  • Make sure shorter singers are up front, taller singers are in the back, and everyone can see the conductor.
  • You can even see pictures of each singer!

Watch the video below to see the new feature in action.



Jacob Levine

Jacob is the founder of Chorus Connection and a proud member of the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus. A lifelong choir nerd and tech geek, he loves marrying his passions to help community choruses run more efficiently. Drop him a line at!

Jacob Levine