The 5 Essentials of Your Choir's Press Kit

Tori Cook December 05, 2016

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Image provided by Encore Tours. Image provided by Encore Tours.


Whether for local concert promotions, touring overseas, or posting on your website, a well-constructed press kit can be an invaluable tool for raising the profile of your choir. It can help boost your audience numbers, build your ensemble’s reputation, garner support from your community, and even assist in your fundraising efforts.  A press kit should contain 5 essential parts:

What Should My Choir’s Press Kit Contain?

  1. Biographies (if applicable) for the:
    1. Conductor 
    2. Assistant Conductor 
    3. Choir
    4. Executive Director 
    5. Accompanist(s) 
    6. Soloist(s) 
    7. Section leaders
    8. Board members
    9. Other chorus staff
  2. High resolution photos
    1. Of each director, soloist, accompanist, or staff member
    2. Of the chorus
    3. Logo (if available)
  3. Recent recordings
  4. Sample repertoire
  5. Press releases, news articles, and quotes

Step 1: Write Captivating Biographies

Your goal is to capture the essence of you and your choir in a few paragraphs. Write about your choir’s personality and what makes it unique. Highlight your group and individual accomplishments which should portray the quality and standards of your ensemble to the reader.


Image provided by Encore Tours. Image provided by Encore Tours.


Step 2: Take Engaging Photos

Great photos have a way of capturing people’s attention. When taking photos, creating the appropriate atmosphere and finding the right “look” can be challenging. Maximize your success by choosing appropriate and neutral backdrops, determining your attire and poses in advance, and shooting a high resolution of 300 dpi or higher, when possible.

Step 3: Prepare Recordings

Showcase your group at its best. In the first few seconds of your recording, listeners will make a decision about the quality and ability of your choir. Recordings should be top-quality and can be obtained even on a low budget (for helpful tips, see “Creating the Perfect Press Kit for Your Ensemble”).

Step 4: Choose Sample Repertoire

Your choir’s sample repertoire should showcase your most “tried and true” pieces and reflect the style in which your ensemble performs. It should also demonstrate your choir’s average skill level to those familiar with the repertoire.

Step 5: Compile Press Releases, News Articles, and Quotes

Press releases help create buzz in the community. Use them for any big announcements or to promote upcoming events. If the media attends your performances, keep track of important articles and quotes for later use to boost your reputation.


To learn more about each step,  check out the eBook “Creating the Perfect Press Kit for Your Ensemble.”

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Learn more: choral marketing, choir management

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