Final Covid Survey Results - Segmented by Chorus Type

Michael Hughes Sep 14, 2021

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Nine COVID Planning Decisions by Chorus Type 

When we conducted our Chorus COVID Planning Survey several weeks ago, we knew that much of its value would come from the ability of choruses to compare their Fall plans to "like" organizations. To that end, we have segmented the final results by chorus type as well as by geography, urbanicity, chorus size, and several other factors. We felt that chorus type would be the most helpful segmentation to share, at least at first, so you will find those results below. We focused on nine of the most important decisions facing choruses while COVID-19 persists, primarily having to do with rehearsing, but also (looking ahead) to performing.

Here are the segmented results by chorus type for nine key questions:   

1. What is your choruss current intention for Fall 2021_ (1)

2. For Fall 2021, will you require that your singers sign a COVID waiver to participate in your chorus_


3. For Fall 2021, will you require that your singers be fully vaccinated to participate in your chorus_ (1)

4. For Fall 2021, if you’re requiring vaccinations for your singers, how will you be collecting proof_

5. For Fall 2021, what sort of rehearsal model will you offer (at least to start)_

6. For Fall 2021, will singers be required to socially distance while singing at in-person rehearsals_

7. For Fall 2021, will singers be required to wear masks at in-person rehearsals_ (5)

8. For Fall 2021, how will you be structuring your performances_ (2)

Question 9 with Option C edit

Thank you again to the nearly 600 choruses that responded to our survey - from the United States, Canada, and around the world. Depending on how COVID-19 infection rates progress and medical recommendations evolve, we may conduct an updated survey closer to Winter. Please leave a comment below if you have a question, and we'll try our best to help. Thank you!

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