Chorus Covid Planning - Preliminary Survey Results

Michael Hughes Aug 19, 2021

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Preliminary Results: Rehearsing & Performing

A Topic of Great Interest

From the moment we sent our survey last week, responses have come pouring in - thank you! How to plan and manage rehearsals and performances is clearly top-of-mind for all choruses as we begin the new season. We had planned to publish results after the survey closed, but with over 500 results as we write this, we felt we should share preliminary results sooner, hoping that would help. 

What’s complicating many choruses' abilities to plan for the Fall is the recent resurgence of COVID cases – especially among the unvaccinated – and in some locations the reinstatement of indoor mask requirements and even proof of vaccination. Many choruses are planning rehearsals and performances based on the current situation but preparing to revise plans if a Fall surge intensifies. 

Here then are preliminary results on 14 key questions, focusing specifically on Fall 2021 rehearsing and performing.   

The Big Picture

Most choruses are planning to resume rehearsals and performances.

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Fall 2021 Rehearsals

A majority of choruses will require singers to be fully vaccinated in order to participate.

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Proof of singer vaccinations will be validated in a variety of ways, ranging from digital copies of vaccination cards to the honor system.

Survey prelim results graph #3b


Most choruses are not requiring regular COVID testing from their singers.

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Just over 1/3 of choruses will require COVID-19 Waivers-of-Liability for their singers to participate. 1/3 will not, and nearly 1/3 are still unsure.

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A majority of choruses will require singers to rehearse in-person – though some will allow singers to choose virtual participation.

Survey prelim results graph #5


Choruses are split between keeping a pre-COVID singer attendance-requirement policy and being more lenient.

Survey prelim results graph #6


Rehearsals will primarily be held indoors, though about 1/5 of choruses are considering a mixture of indoor/outdoor, and 5% will be rehearsing entirely outdoors.

Survey prelim results graph #7


More than 3/4 of choruses will require singers to socially distance by at least 3 feet while singing at rehearsals.

Survey prelim results graph #8

A majority of choruses will require all singers to wear masks at rehearsals.

Survey prelim results graph #9


Fall 2021 Performances

Roughly 1/3 of choruses are planning in-person-only performances, slightly more are assuming a hybrid live and virtual model, but many are still unsure.

Survey prelim results graph #10


Most choruses are planning indoor performances.

Survey prelim results graph #11


There is not yet a clear consensus around requiring audience vaccinations.

Survey prelim results graph #12


Nor, if audience vaccinations are required, how proof will be verified.

Survey prelim results graph #13


Thank you! / Next Steps

Thanks again to all the choruses that responded to this survey. If you haven't already, please complete your survey now: We will be publishing additional learning on our blog in the upcoming weeks, such as updated results (if materially different) or COVID resources shared by respondents. And if the COVID resurgence significantly worsens, we’ll conduct a follow-up survey. Stay tuned!


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