29+ Free Choir Management Tools You Need To Know About

Jacob Levine Mar 28, 2016

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Choirs typically have exceptionally tight budgets, so getting the most bang for your buck is especially important. Here’s a sampling of choir management tools that will make your life easier - for free! Let us know if we missed any of your favorite tools. Note: For a product to make it onto this list, it must have a permanently free plan for nonprofits (not just a free trial).

Business Tools

Both Google and Microsoft offer free versions of their popular suites of business tools to nonprofits.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling committee meetings is a huge pain and your inbox is basically guaranteed to be flooded with emails. These tools will change your life.

File Sharing/Cloud Storage

Board meeting minutes, MIDI files, attendance spreadsheets, membership policies. Cloud storage means no more hunting through emails for attachments, no more asking around to find something you need, and no more worrying about whether you’re looking at an outdated copy.


Need to collect information? Forget about paper forms. Try using one of these tools!

Online Fundraising

Your singers are among the most powerful fundraisers available to you. These tools make it easy to run a killer membership fundraising drive. Check out this blog post for inspiration!

Patron/Donor Management

Keeping track of your ticket buyers and donors is a vital part of building, maintaining, and growing your chorus.


Google offers nonprofits $10,000 in free advertising every month. Sweet deal! Definitely worth exploring this as an additional way to get the word out about concerts, fundraisers, and auditions.

Email Marketing

Whether you’re sending messages to your fans or your singers, email marketing tools can help make your messages more professional and give you analytics to better understand how people interact with them.

Social Media Management

Social media provides an incredible channel for connecting with both your audience and new singers. These tools can help you manage your various profiles quickly and efficiently.

Want to see more tools like these? Download our 101 Free Choir Management Tools piece!

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Jacob Levine

Jacob is the founder of Chorus Connection and a proud member of the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus. A lifelong choir nerd and tech geek, he loves marrying his passions to help community choruses run more efficiently. Drop him a line at jacob@chorusconnection.com!

Jacob Levine