30-Second Covid Rehearsal Safety Survey

Michael Hughes Jan 11, 2022

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Negative COVID-19 Test

With the start of the new year, choruses are once again facing COVID challenges due to the highly contagious Omicron variant and local surges. Choirs are trying to find the best and safest ways to move forward with rehearsals in the coming weeks. Vaccine requirements (including boosters) are now common, and many choruses are also considering testing requirements as a pre-requisite to live rehearsing.

The following 4-question singer survey is one example of a way to learn about your members’ access to testing and comfort level with in-person rehearsals. (This example assumes weekly rehearsals.) It’s fast and easy, and if created in a format such as Google Forms can be easily distributed and tabulated. The following questions can be adapted to the circumstances and needs of your chorus, so are meant as examples.

 Singer Rehearsal Safety Survey

      1. Are you currently able to test weekly for Covid-19 on your own?

          Mark only one:

          ______ Yes  Skip to Question 3

          ______ No   Skip to Question 2

      2. If you're not able to test weekly, how could we assist?

          Mark only one:

          ______ Logistically (provide at-home tests or on-site testing)

          ______ Financially (provide financial support to cover testing)

          ______ Both logistically and financially

      3. Are you comfortable rehearsing in person if not everyone can test weekly?

          Mark only one:

          ______ Yes, I am comfortable returning to in-person rehearsals, even if                       not everyone can test weekly

          ______ No, I would prefer to rehearse online if not everyone can test                           weekly

      4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?




We hope this survey example is helpful. Please share how you are handling your return to rehearsals (in-person or online) in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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Michael Hughes