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A Holiday Jingle by the ChoCo Puffs

Tori Cook December 25, 2017
Happy holidays from Chorus Connection! Enjoy this sassy holiday jingle from our employee choir, "The ChoCo Puffs."
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The Seven Stages of Concert Week (for Chorus Directors)

Tori Cook November 01, 2017
Shock. Denial. Bargaining. Guilt. Anger. Depression. Acceptance and hope. Welcome to the seven stages of concert week in GIFs (for choir directors)!
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Memorization Tips for Learning Choral Music

Tori Cook October 13, 2017
Got a tricky piece of music to memorize? Check out these top memorization tips for learning choral music! (BONUS: Memorization Plan, Cindy arr. Mack Wilberg)
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What Type of Choir Manager Are You? [QUIZ]

Nick Deyo August 17, 2017
Choir managers come in all types of personality styles. Are you meticulously organized, or cool and collected? Take our quiz to find out!
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Creating an Inviting Environment for Community Choir Auditions

Tori Cook August 01, 2017
Auditions are a nerve-racking experience for anyone. How can chorus directors help ease audition anxiety for potential new singers? Find out!
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Answer These 5 Random Questions And Find Out Your Real Voice Part

Nick Deyo July 25, 2017
Think you're a soprano queen or a bona fide bass? Don't be so sure. Take our quiz to find out your true choir calling.
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Help Chorus Connection Win $50K

Jacob Levine June 16, 2017
Chorus Connection made it to the semi-final round of a biz competition hosted by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Help us win 50K by voting!
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11 Ways Your Sopranos are Actual Mean Girls

Tori Cook March 14, 2017
A comparison between your sopranos and characters from the movie "Mean Girls." Be honest, are you really surprised? Check out this GIF-tastic blog!
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